Veteran Can’t Find Job Because Of His Service Dog So Lowe’s Decides To Hire Them Both

Clay Luthy got his best friend, Charlotte, as a puppy. He never dreamed she would become his service dog.

After returning from duty in the Air Force, Clay found that his relationship with Charlotte had become much more than just that of a pet and an owner.

“She was never supposed to be a service dog. I found out a couple years ago she was alerting me, and I didn’t even know it,” Clay recalled.

And as such, they became inseperable.

But when he returned from active duty and tried to find a regular job, he found that very same relationship began to hinder his search.

No employer seemed to want to hire both him and Charlotte.

But considering how strong the relationship between veteran and service dog is, he knew he had to keep trying.

“I was trying to figure out where I could go that would be a good fit and wouldn’t mind having Charlotte, and my wife said I was at Lowe’s so much anyway, I might as well get a job there,” Clay said.

And so, with heads held high, he and Charlotte walked into the Lowe’s and applied for a job.

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