If one reads from the Bible, they would find that all of God’s creatures are mentioned frequently. For example, Proverbs 12:10 states, “The righteous care for the needs of their animals…”

St. Francis of Assisi is considered the patron saint of animals, so this story is related.

At a Franciscan monastery in Bolivia, the tradition goes on. Monks in the city of Cochabamba have recently added a new four-legged member to their monastery and are delighted with the little one’s welcome presence.

His nickname is Carmelo, but his proper full name is actually Friar Bigoton. In English, that means “Friar Mustache” because that’s exactly what the adorable rescue schnauzer appears to be wearing with its distinct facial hair.

It’s an amazing, feel-good kind of story that has gone viral around the world, and the true lesson it imparts is rather simple: Taking in a homeless animal is a great thing to do. In addition, the brothers at the Bolivia monastery hope that other monasteries would consider opening their doors to homeless pets.

The wonderful story about Carmelo is even more touching as we see the Cochabamba monks smiling and holding their rescue dog (four-legged friar) in photos released to Facebook. The images capture little Carmelo dressed in a tiny, standard monk’s brown habit, an outfit he doesn’t mind wearing. In the snapshots, the little dog appears content and relaxed.

The Facebook photos were put up by Proyecto Narices Frías (the Cold Nose Project), a local animal rescue group. Hundreds of fans have visited the site and commented on the cute pics of “el perrito” Friar Mustache.

Friar Jorge Fernandez says that Carmelo was an instant hit and that “All of the brothers love him very much.”

Carmelo is curious and adventurous and having a ball running around the cloisters and exploring his new home. Friar Fernandez told The Dodo publication that Carmelo “is a creature of God.”

The Friars do not dress up Carmelo in his tiny traditional monk’s habit on a daily basis. When the photos of the dog went viral, the monastery became inundated with multiple calls for visits to meet the newest friar.

The dog’s habit actually came from a puppet costume supply the monks have in storage. They had some puppets in the church that they used to entertain children with, and one of the puppets was wearing a monk’s habit, so they thought they would try the costume on Carmelo. It fit and looks cute on their new resident.

Carmelo is enjoying his new surroundings immensely, but the brothers admit that the four-legged friar is mischevious. Carmelo likes hiding things in the garden and biting just about everything.

Still, the adorable furry friar is loyal and kind and one of the best things to happen to the Cochabamba monastery.

God chose the perfect addition to the brotherhood because schnauzers are known for being playful, affectionate, intelligent and excellent companions.