A woman in Toronto was caught on camera abusing her dog on a subway.

In the three minute long video posted by Roxy Huang to YouTube, the woman is seen repeatedly striking and even biting her dog. She says to the frightened pup ‘stop it now you hear me’ while she keeps hitting it.

The whimpering dog tries to escape her several times, but the woman keeps yanking it back by its leash.

Singing in the car alone can be a form of sweet release. It is a time when no one is there to judge you or care about those pitches that slip a bit or sound a tad off. If you’re not a singer, you probably know someone who is and they can attest to the amazing feeling of belting out one of your favorite lines. Well Annie, the woman in this video, finds time to sing in the car whenever she can. The catch here is that she doesn’t like to sing alone. She actually likes to sing with her best friend.

Who is this best friend? Well this amazing back up vocalist is Annie’s dog Lola. Lola is a Shiloh shepherd who loves to belt out the lyrics with her owner from the back seat whenever she gets the chance. Queen comes on the radio, and at first, we see nothing out of Lola. But as soon as Annie begins to add her own voice to the vocal track, Lola can’t help but to add in her two cents and make her own voice heard.

Lola loves every second of the drive when she gets to sing with her best friend. Dog experts say that this howling can be linked to the dog’s instinct to howl back when it thinks a dog is howling to it. The signing comes across as the howling of another dog, and it sets off their behavior that is embedded in their genes.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think about this pup’s voice. We think it is nothing short of amazing, and deserves to be shared with as many people as possible so everyone can smile large when they hear the vocal genius that is the Shiloh shepherd named Lola. We are sure that she will have record labels knocking down her door the more publicity her videos get, so be sure to spread the word!

We love you Lola! Keep on singing!


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