Guy Builds Brand New Fence For His Dog, Now Watch As The Camera Slowly Pans Right [video]

For anyone who has ever tried anything new and conquered the task, it can be a pretty proud moment. If you pull off a home-cooked meal when you don’t really consider yourself a cook that can be a big deal. Or if you run your first race and make it to the finish line without keeling over, you will instantly have a newfound sense of pride for the sport of running. We all know how daunting it can be to take on a new task that we’ve never done before, but oftentimes, the reward makes up for the anxiety of trying something new.

When one man completed fixing a fence in his backyard, it was a pretty proud moment for him. The goal was to make the fence high enough and strong enough so his dog wouldn’t be able to jump over it anymore. When he finally finished his project, he was bursting with pride and wanted to share his success with others, so he decided to film the finished product. He sweeps his camera back and forth to capture his entire backyard on film, and as he does so he says…

“Yep, just completed fixing this fence. Pretty proud of it. Just trying to keep Stella out of the yard.”

And then it happens. Stella, who is apparently the dog who the fence was built for, comes bounding into view, and with hardly an ounce of effort, she leaps over the fence in one fluid jump.

The man then says…”Dammit.”

While the moment is quite hilarious for the viewers, we can imagine just how much this hurt his pride.

In the man’s defense, the dog may have set him up. He later said:

“Before I made the fence, I had Stella jump a baby gate inside and when she stopped jumping it I added six inches (15.2 centimeters). She set me up!”

Most commenters agreed that the man’s final word, “Dammit,” was the icing on the cake…

“Frickn’ hell that “damnit” at the end is comedic gold. Perfect timing, perfect inflection. This video needs to go straight to the top, two years later.”

“The “damn it” at the end is what makes this video.”

And others complimented the dog’s athleticism…

“Feel your pain… She jumped over it so beautifully though. What kind of dog is she?”

“That’s a smart dog, aiming for the part of the fence that was the lowest haha.”

“On the bright side, Stella is in great shape.”

The dog owner/fence builder told the commenters that Stella is a Jack Russell Pit Bull mix, which makes a whole lot of sense considering Jack Russells are well-known for their jumping skills. What is pretty impressive is the fact that Stella didn’t even need a head start to clear the fence. Instead, she simply flew over it and looked so elegant and athletic as she did it. This is certainly a lesson for anyone who needs to build a fence in order to deter a jumping dog…build even higher than they are predicted to jump.

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