After Checking His Camera, Wildlife Photographer Realizes He’s Inches Away From Doom

While out exploring the wilderness near his home in Alaska, Michael Glidden was hoping to snap a few worthwhile photos. Along with his faithful dog, Aspen, he was prepared to catch a glimpse of something truly picture-worthy.

What he ended up photographing was far more exciting than he could have imagined. After wandering into an ice cave, he prepared to take a picture with the flash… only to watch Aspen bolt out, terrified.

Michael wasn’t sure what had spooked his pup until he got home and checked his photos. Then he realized how close to danger he’d been…

One winter day a few years ago, Michael Glidden and his dog, Aspen, went out into the Alaskan wilderness near their home, hoping to capture some nature photos.

When they ventured into an ice cave, however, Michael couldn’t stop Aspen from fleeing in terror.

He didn’t know why until he got home, checked his photos, and saw this…

Yikes! Yikes! Yikes! For what it’s worth, Michael acknowledged in the comments of that video that he shouldn’t have been in a cave in the middle of winter, given that’s where bears like to hibernate. He’s lucky this one didn’t wake up.

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