15 Heartwarming Winners From Dog Photographer Of The Year 2017

Overall Winner and Man’s Best Friend 1st Place Winner
Photo: Maria Davison Ramos, Portugal
“A Girl’s Best Friend”
Dog: Yzma, cross breed and rescue dog

Man’s best friend is no stranger to the camera. Both professional photographers and enthusiastic amateurs alike snap countless pictures of their furry companions—and who could blame them? There is a nuance to our pets that’s best captured with artful pet photography. Dogs—seemingly more so than other creatures—showcase their quirks in portraits akin to humans. To demonstrate their many sides, the annual Dog Photographer Of The Year competition recognizes some of the best in canine photography.

Organized by the UK-based animal welfare organization called the Kennel Club, the contest features dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes. It has 11 categories which include: Man’s Best Friend; Dogs at Play; Dogs at Work; Dog Portrait; Assistance Dogs; Rescue Dogs; I Love Dogs Because…; Young Pup Photographer; Oldies; Puppies; and Special Mentions. Every portrait highlights the essence of these pups, from playful to serious.

This year, Maria Davison Ramos took the top prize as the competition’s Overall Winner. Her image depicts a heartwarming scene of a young pup sitting at its human’s feet; it perfectly conveys the true meaning of companionship. Of the picture, Ramos recalls, “For me, capturing real and candid moments is what photography is all about. This is one of those moments. My friend had just adopted Yzma and while we were chatting in the kitchen I was taking some photographs. The location and the light were far from perfect, but I ended taking one of the photos I’m most proud of.”

Check out a selection of the winners below.

The annual Dog Photographer Of The Year Competition showcases the best in canine photography and captures heartwarming scenes of man’s best friend.

Dogs at Work Category, 2nd Place Winner
Photo: Lucy Charman, UK
“All Picked Up”
Dogs: Cammy, Smudge, Nellie, Cary and Caper—English Springer Spaniels

Dogs at Play Category, 3rd Place Winner
Photo: Will Holdcroft , UK
“Rabbit Run”
Dog: Purdey, cross breed (Collie and Spaniel)

Dogs at Play Category, 1st Place Winner
Photo: Kaylee Greer, USA
Dog: Petey, Wheaten Terrier

Dogs at Work Category, 3rd Place Winner
Photo: Peter Steffensen, Denmark
“Eyes on the prize”
Dog: Marley, Border Collie

Judges’ Special Mention Rescue Dog Charity Category
Photo: Victoria Watts, UK
“Mutts of Mayhem”
Dogs: Bruin (Unknown), Tai (Staffordshire Bull Terrier), Bella (Pug, French bulldog, Brussels Griffon)

Dog Portrait Category, 2nd Place Winner
Photo: David Yanez, UK
“Sleeping Tiger”
Dog: Raymond, Greyhound

I Love Dogs Because… (Ages 11 to 17) Category, 1st Place Winner
Photo: Julian Gottfried, USA
“Jumping for Joy”
Dog: Pippin, Terrier mix (cross breed)

Puppies Category, 1st Place Winner
Photo: Mirjam Schreurs, Netherlands
“Full Concentration”
Dog: Tyson, boxer

Oldies Category, 2nd Place Winner
Photo: Igor Abramovich, UK
Dog: Rex, breed unknown

Assistance Dogs Category, 1st Place Winner
Photo: Alasdair MacLeod, UK
“Megan & Duncan”
Dog: Megan, rescued Greyhound and a certified Therapet in Scotland

Judges’ Special Mention Puppies Category
Photo: Katrina Wilson, UK
“Happy Chappy!”
Dog: Ralph, Basset Hound

Man’s Best Friend Category, 2nd Place Winner
Photo: Emma Williams, UK
“Watering Hole”
Dog: Gus, Whippet

Man’s Best Friend Category, 3rd Place Winner
Photo: Annemarie King, UK
“Into the Wild”
Dog: Gus, Jack Russell

Rescue Dogs Charity Category, 1st Place Winner
Photo: Alexandra Robins, UK
Dog: Chloe, Brindle Greyhound